Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to the Post-Technology Economy

In the 15 years since the Netscape IPO, we've seen a fairly quick maturation of technology. It has become a huge part of most people's lives, both at home and at work. Yet many Economic Development agencies are acting like they did when Netscape had just gone public, chasing after anything with the word "tech" in it.

In this blog, I'll look at how places can develop their economies when technology jobs come and go so quickly, and when professions with employment growth, such as nursing, teaching, and social work, depend more on face-to-face contact than improving productivity through the use of computers.

Additionally, I'm not an academic and don't write like one. I strive to keep things simple and understandable. I'm also looking at this from what is happening and what could happen, not what should happen. I'm neither a luddite nor a tech advocate, rather I'm just trying to help people plan for the future when I see some people expecting the late 90s techie-finance economy to make some sort of return, and others placing too much hope in greentech, biotech, and anything else they can attach the suffix "-tech" to.

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